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The sweetest instance of everyone's life is when the person is lying on his/her mother's lap.

At that time his mother is there to take care of his every need he cries, giggles , jumps, sleeps and get awake whenever he likes to be, but at that time he is unable to speak and therefore unable to tell anybody how much happy he is or how much pain he is feeling, he only expresses the feelings in terms of cry and laugh and once the child is able to stand on his own legs expectations starts growing for him parents make him stand and call him so that he can walk to reach them he falls, he cries but again he is made to stand and perform the same activity.

At that time he doesn't know to which religion he belongs who is his friends what he knows is only his parents. Then he starts walking, running on his own now he slowly slowly starts looking towards the outside world starts making friends further more communities get portioned into religion he is far from his mothers lap and father's umbrella of care and starts flying in to air at his own and life begins ...