In Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Herb Miller writes: Two Kentucky farmers who owned racing stables had developed a keen rivalry. One spring each of them entered a horse in a local steeplechase. Thinking that a professional rider might help him outdo his friend, one of the farmers engaged a crack jockey. The two horses were neck and neck with a large lead over the rest of the pack at the last fence, but suddenly both fell, unseating their riders.

The professional jockey remounted quickly and rode on to win the race. Returning triumphantly to the paddock, the jockey found the farmer who had hired him fuming with rage.

"What's the matter?" the jockey asked. "I won, didn't I?"

"Oh, yea," roared the farmer. "You won all right, but you crossed the finish line on the wrong horse."

In his hurry to remount after the fall, the jockey had jumped on his competitor's horse.

Success is meaningless unless we are heading in the direction.

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Maitreyi Mondal
2007-05-22, 21:57
Thanks to kkonline group, my life has got a new meaning. the powerful quotes inspire me a lot and hold me back in a positive direction. Whenever I am ...
2006-09-13, 21:23
hi...ur articles r really good...keep up the good work...
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2013-03-02, 23:52
So deep so true