Contributed By Laxmi Rao

Saint Augustine said "God does not give heed to the ambitiousness of our prayers, because he is always ready to give to us his light, not a visible light but an intellectual and spiritual one: but we are not always ready to receive it when we turn aside and down to other things out of a desire for temporal things."

So its great, to keep ourselves going on and on without worrying about karma, as we wake up in the morning, and our purse is magically filled with twenty four hours of un-manufactured tissue of the universe of your life! It is ours. It is the most precious of possessions. No one can take it from us. And no one receives either more or less than we receive."

So its up to us, how to use it, if we use right "The happiest people don't have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything."

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Chirag Shah
2007-04-27, 21:56
hi dude... i like reading ur mails yaar...
2009-10-02, 22:04
Just wanted to say that i came upon your website, and really did enjoy it. I am from Texas, USA and the pictures where so fun to look at. I really did...
Sonal Bagal
2006-11-01, 12:15
Hey Krishna,
Ur Messages r really inspiring I like ur mails very much.......keep on sending some more inspiring Mails....bye