Novelist Sinclair Lewis was supposed to deliver an hour-long lecture to a group of college students who planned to be writers. Lewis opened his talk with a question

How many of you really intend to be writers?

All hands went up.

In that case, said Lewis, my advice to you is to go home and write.

With that, he left!

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Vijay Sharma
2007-04-17, 21:50
Hi Krishna Khanna,
I am really inspired with your motivational mails and wish to get in touch with you.
Please let me how it is possible....
Dr. Ashok K.Agrawal
2007-04-17, 21:50
Previous message was very informative forwarded to some of my friends and got their feed back. Please do continue.

Thanking you
Vikrant Date
2012-12-04, 09:27
hey its amazing..