I want to make the most of every day. And, like most people, I've discovered that the best way to do it is to let go of past failures.

But that's not all. One can never fully enjoy today while dwelling too much on past successes, either. People never succeed while resting comfortably on their laurels. As Ivern Ball has said, "The past should be a springboard, not a hammock." The fact is, sometimes our successes hold us back more than our failures!

I once heard a story about the actor Clark Gable. A friend paid Gable a visit one afternoon at the actor's home. She brought along her small son, who amused himself by playing with toy cars on the floor. He pretended he was racing those cars around a great track, which in reality was an imaginary circle around a golden statuette. The small statue the boy played with was actually the Oscar Clark Gable won for his performance in the 1934 movie It Happened One Night.

When his mother told him the time had come to leave, the little boy asked the actor, "Can I have this?" pointing to the Oscar.

"Sure," he smiled. "It's yours."

The horrified mother objected. "Put that back immediately!"

Giving the child the golden statue, Clark Gable said, "Having the Oscar around doesn't mean anything to me; earning it does." The actor seemed to know that past success could be a comfortable hammock upon which he may be tempted to rest, rather than a springboard launching him to the next level.

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Abuzer Nawab
2008-03-23, 22:13
One of the best quotes I've ever encountered.. :)
Abuzer Nawab
Rohit Kadam
2012-10-04, 01:44
Wow man.. loved your work and the website!
Nikhil Khurana
2010-09-24, 22:20
I have been your fan since the time i have met u...by bringing up the matter of CWG to the forum KKOnline u hv done a good job....u rightly pointed ou...