There were 3 people of different countries that are put to jail for 3 years. They each given a wish to be fulfilled.

The American has asked for 3yrs supply of cigars. The romantic French has requested for beautiful girls to company him for 3 years of jail term. Whereas, the Jew has asked for a telephone that can be connected to people around the world.

3years later, when the American was released, he shouted for a lighter to light his cigars... and the French man was frowning on the upbringing of his many dozens of children. Whereas the Jews was very happy as in the past 3 years, his business has not only grow for 200%, he has also on-track and up-to-date on the happenings of the world.

Moral: The kind of decision you made will bring you that kind of life in the future. Your life today is from the decisions you have made 3years ago. And whatever decision you make today will decide your life for the coming 3years. We must be flexible and be receptive with whatever information that comes our way to better lead us to the life we have decided! So... What/Where do you want to see yourself in 3years? What's your decision today?

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Ankur Potdar
2008-05-23, 22:14
This one is really awesome!!!
Prabhjot Singh
2013-03-21, 00:52
Kuch Kalam Se >> Dheere Dheere - I heard the audio yesterday bro...kya awesome likhta hai tu....mind blowing...seems as if you had described the whole...
Anita Mathias
2008-10-13, 22:07
Very nice thoughts as usual.