Les Brown, a noted inspirational speaker, tells the story of one of his friends, a salesman, who was in financial trouble because sales were down. Les asked him, "How many phone calls are you making a day?" His friend answered, "Twenty five."

Les didn't hesitate with his advice. "Double them," he said. "Make fifty. Or seventy-five. Or one hundred."

The salesman answered, "Aw, man. that's too much."

"Too much!" replied Les. "You tell me that you are behind on your bills and then you say it's too much. You know, one way to get back on your feet real quick is to miss two car payments. How can you say anything is too much when you have everything at stake?"

The advice Les Brown gave his friend needs to be heard by people everywhere. It's amazing what we can do when we're "hungry" for success. Most people who say "I've tried," haven't scratched the surface of their potential.

Today, why not make a commitment to achieve your personal best?

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Tapasya Patki
2007-04-27, 21:55
Hi Krishna, I'm Aditi's friend, I just loved your write up on "How much Music Can you make" that was posted on the kkonline group! I'm myself a violin...
2006-09-13, 21:23
hi...ur articles r really good...keep up the good work...
Rohit Kadam
2012-10-04, 01:44
Wow man.. loved your work and the website!