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If life would be a canvas and i would have given that canvas to paint the most beautiful painting I would have tried to use as many as natural colors. Nature is the God's best gift , The mountains, the rivers the trees, the animals, the flowers, the leaves, the landscapes all of these are silent but in there heart is hidden a story which they are trying to express what we have to find and explore.
A simple question from the humanity we are considered as the most intelligent creature on this earth all have given the mother earth to live on peacefully then why we creating boundaries which results in the fight, why we have invented weapons of destructions that just gave the crying faces and they are destroying the God's best gift in the form of nature. A small child doesn't want anything more than a smile can't we give him only that??
Why everyone is considering life as a race, what we are trying to achieve. Can't we just understand that nature has given us so much can't we give something back by just admiring it with a smile instead of instead of destroying it why we are not able to get the feeling and the message what the nature is saying to us.