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ReconnectionWe earned money,
But compromised on the ethics.
We can talk about anything,
But too few whom we can talk about everything.
We got hikes and credits;
But we lost the touch with the ones
Whom we can share the joys.
We buy the best of the market brands;
But lost the spirit to wearjust about anything.
We know those who
Give nothing and took everything,
But we lost the ones who
Expect nothing and give everything.
We are part of a crowd,
Yet all alone from inside.
It's just become easy to tell a lie;
Than to defend and stand for the truth.
Our actions just don't match the word of mouth
And we lost the credibility.
Just awaiting for a reconnection from the other side,
Let not the busy tones, no response;
Changed contacts details hold you back,
Get in touch with the ones who deserve you
It's still not too late.