Questions in the heart

Written by Krishna Khanna Category: Xpressions
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With every breath I take comes a questionWith every breath I take comes a question;
And while in pursuit of the answer I peep inside my heart,
The only answer I get is to rely on my faith.
Faith, that the missing pieces of my life will be found.
Faith, that every action I take will someday connect and complete a full circle.
Faith, that the unknown would be the most beautiful unseen and the unperceived.
Faith, that my self reliance would overpower the mysteries of the unimaginable storms.
Faith, that every color will shine bright and create a rainbow in my heart.
Faith, that I would be strengthened enough to steer my life and of those whom I know.
Faith, that will help me recompile into a stronger soul every time I am shattered and dispersed.