Mountain analogy

Written by Krishna Khanna Category: Xpressions
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Life is completely analogous to the mountain climbLife is completely analogous to the mountain climbs,
While on your way up,
You must have your feet on the ground in order to move ahead,
Else you shall just slip off.
There are always times when you need to crawl, slow down, take breaks
But the most essential thing is to have a focus
And keep stepping up despite the numbness of pain.
During the troubled times,
You will always get some helping hands,
Unless you are willing to move in the upward direction.
But at times even the trees you try to take support from,
Will just prick you right away when you touch them.
There might be some stones
That just come tumbling down towards you,
Don't get obstructed by them.
Take a breath, enjoy the view and then keep moving on.

Once you reach the top,
The sheer joy you would experience would just be phenomenal

Remember on your back journey,
The path you chose to move up, is almost the same path you will traverse down,
So be very careful what you leave behind
When you climb up to the top.
Easiest thing is to pull someone down,
And even the nature does it with gravity.
Make sure you don't slip even though you might have to crawl, kneel or bend for getting a firm foundation below your feet.