Written By Allen Steble

When the day is cloudy, the blue sky is limited. When it is clear, the beauty is all around. Harmful thoughts act as grey clouds to your positive perception. So create a wind of hopefulness and blow away those clouds and be captivated by the beauty of freedom.

We start in this world with a fence closely encircling us. As we gain knowledge and wisdom, on how to overcome pressures thrown our way, we increase the limits of those boundaries. Hence, freedom is gained not by having no restriction but rather having a clear understanding of our freedom within those boundaries. The plight of mankind has taught me that when human boundaries are pushed too far, human suffering is bound to take place and ultimately the polluting of our glorious planet.

Zero and Infinity
What mankind wants is proportional to his happiness. Simply put, a man who wants everything will never be satisfied.

Ice and Boiling Water
Man, in general, has always been ice or boiling water, but never water. I say this because man is either frozen in his ability to show compassion or boiling water in the sense that they have never stopped burning people by causing so much suffering. If only man could be like water and adjust and adapt to one another so as to create unity and genuine peace.

A spectacular waterfall, a beautiful sunset, a lovely starry night, a rushing stream, a mighty bolt of lightning, a vast forest and myriads of wildlife and underwater marvels. All this nature has given us free of charge. Pollution, hatred, deforestation, destruction, and great disrespect are what we have given in return.

Edge of a Cliff
The edge of a cliff may be a dangerous place to stand but it is there we see over all of this magnificent creation. The higher you climb in any area of your life does come with the risk of a fall, but how else would you see the beauty of success?

To me the most beautiful sight is that of a summer sunset on the beach. It offers an array of colors that have to be seen to be appreciated. Do you see beautiful colors and hope when you look to your horizon? The more positive goals you have and achieve, the brighter your sunset will be.

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Who Packed My Parachute

Created on 27 January 2011
Charles Plumb, a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, was a jet pilot in Vietnam. After 75 combat missions, his plane was destroyed by a surface-to-air missile. Plumb ejected and parachuted into enemy hands. He was captured and spent 6 years in a Vietnamese prison. He survived the ordeal and now lectures on lessons learned from that experience.

One day, when Plumb and his wife were sitting in a restaurant, a man at another table came up and said, "You're Plumb! You flew jet fighters in Vietnam from the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk. You were shot down!"

"How in the world did you know that?" asked Plumb.

"I packed your parachute," the man replied.

Plumb gasped in surprise and gratitude.

The man pumped his hand and said, "I guess it worked!" Plumb assured him, "It sure did. If your chute hadn't worked, I wouldn't be here today."

Plumb couldn't sleep that night, thinking about that man. Plumb says, "I kept wondering what he might have looked like in a Navy uniform, a white hat, a bib in the back, and bell-bottom trousers. I wonder how many times I might have seen him and not even said, "Good morning, how are you?" or anything because, you see, I was a fighter pilot and he was just a sailor.

Plumb thought of the many hours the sailor had spent on a long wooden table in the bowels of the ship, carefully weaving the shrouds and folding the silks of each chute, holding in his hands each time the fate of someone he didn't even know.

"Now," Plumb asks his audience, "who's packing your parachute?" Everyone has someone who provides what they need to make it through the day. Plumb also points out that he needed many kinds of parachutes when his plane was shot down over enemy territory --- he needed his physical parachute, his mental parachute, his emotional parachute, and his spiritual parachute. He called on all these supports before reaching safety.

Sometimes in the daily challenges that life gives us, we miss what is really important. We may fail to say hello, please, or thank you, congratulate someone on something wonderful that has happened to them, give a compliment, or just do something nice for no reason.

As you go through this week, this month, this year, recognize people who pack your parachute. I am sending you this as my way of thanking you for your part in packing my parachute!!!
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2013-03-02, 23:41
Krishna you Rock baby, Love you.
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2008-10-13, 22:07
Very nice thoughts as usual.
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2012-09-13, 22:27
gr8; awsome dude