Sudha Chandran, a classical dancer from India, was cut off in the prime of her career - quite literally - when her right leg had to be amputated after a car accident.
Though the incident brought her bright career to a halt, she didn't give up.
In the painful months that followed, she met a doctor who developed an artificial limb made from vulcanized rubber filled with sponge.
So intense was her desire that she decided to go back to dancing after she had been fitted with an artificial leg.
Sudha knew that she believed in herself and could fulfill her dream, she began her courageous journey back to the world of dancing - learning to balance, bend, stretch, walk, turn, twist, twirl and finally dance.
After every public recital, she would ask her Dad about her performance. 'You still have a long way to go' was the answer she use to get in return.
In January 1984, Sudha made a historic comeback by giving a public recital in Bombay. She performed in such a marvelous manner that it moved everyone to tears while catapulting her to the number one position again.
That evening when she asked the usual question her dad, he didn't say anything. He just touched her feet as a tribute to a great artiste.
Sudha's comeback was such heart-warming that a film producer was inspired to capture the incident into a celluloid box office hit, `Mayuri.'
When someone asked Sudha how she had managed to dance again, she said quite simply, 'YOU DON'T NEED FEET TO DANCE.'

Nothing is impossible in this world. If you have the will to win, you can achieve anything.

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The World Is A Puzzle

Created on 27 January 2011
There was a man who had a little boy that he loved very much. Everyday after work the man would come home and play with the little boy. He would always spend all of his extra time playing with the little boy.

One night, while the man was at work, he realized that he had extra work to do for the evening, and that he wouldn't be able to play with his little boy. But, he wanted to be able to give the boy something to keep him busy. So, looking around his office, he saw a magazine with a large map of the world on the cover. He got an idea. He removed the map, and then patiently tore it up into small pieces. Then he put all the pieces in his coat pocket.

When he got home, the little boy came running to him and was ready to play. The man explained that he had extra work to do and couldn't play just now, but he led the little boy into the dining room, and taking out all the pieces of the map, he spread them on the table. He explained that it was a map of the world, and that by the time he could put it back together, his extra work would be finished, and they could both play. Surely this would keep the child busy for hours, he thought.

About half an hour later the boy came to the man and said, "Okay, it's finished. Can we play now?"

The man was surprised, saying, "That's impossible. Let's go see." And sure enough, there was the picture of the world, all put together, every piece in its place.

The man said, "That's amazing! How did you do that?" The boy said, "It was simple. On the back of the page was a picture of a man. When I put the man together the whole world fell into place."
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2012-09-13, 22:27
hi... nice xpression for mothers day yaar
2007-02-09, 17:35
Hello KK,
Its really nice and inspiring emails you send. Life has been testing me with its different shades. But after reading your messages eve...
Laxmi Rao
2007-04-07, 21:38
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