There once was a monastery that was very strict. Following a vow of silence, no one was allowed to speak at all. But there was one exception to this rule. Every ten years, the monks were permitted to speak just two words. After spending his first ten years at the monastery, one monk went to the head monk. It has been ten years, said the head monk. What are the two words you would like to speak

Bed... hard... said the monk.

I see, replied the head monk.

Ten years later, the monk returned to the head monk's office. It has been ten more years, said the head monk. What are the two words you would like to speak

Food... stinks... said the monk.

I see, replied the head monk.

Yet another ten years passed and the monk again met with the head monk who asked, What are your two words now, after these ten years

I...quit! said the monk.

Well, I can see why, replied the head monk. All you ever do is complain.

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Proper Motivation

Created on 27 January 2011
A story has it that, late one night, a party-goer decided it would be best to walk home. He found a short cut through a poorly-lit cemetery and, in the darkness, stumbled into an open grave. He tried to climb out but the walls were too slippery. Again and again he fell back into the grave. Finally, in exhaustion, he settled in a corner to wait for sunlight -- to be rescued.

A few minutes later another man cutting through the cemetery fell victim to the same grave. He, too, tried desperately to climb and claw his way out, and he was equally unsuccessful. As he was about to give up in hopeless resignation, he heard a voice from the darkness of his pit: "You'll never get out of here."

He did!!!

He just needed the proper motivation! And in this case, a shot of fear did the trick! But when it comes to finding the motivation to do most worthwhile things, his example is the exception.

I am learning that the best motivation, whether I want to accomplish a task, go back to school, start something new or kick a habit, usually comes from the inside. To be successful, I must WANT to do it. Others may certainly help in their encouragement or in "pumping me up," but, in the end, I will usually be successful only if I have enough desire.
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Viraj Dhopavkar
2012-09-13, 22:29
good pics..
Chirag Shah
2007-04-27, 21:56
hi dude... i like reading ur mails yaar...
Nikhil Gaikwad
2012-03-26, 22:24
Hi KK,
First of all Thanks for your awesome mails, its always good to see your mail as it inspires a lot i really dont remember since from when ...