If you are chasing something, the very fact that you must chase it means that it is moving away from you. Rather than chasing something directly, consider attracting it into your life.
Be the person who would have what you wish to have. Be the person who can live the life you wish to live.

When you chase after anything, whether it is a relationship, money, a job or anything else, it can be quite frustrating. Because you are focusing on something external to yourself, over which you have very little control.

Instead, focus on what you can control, on what you can build and grow and improve in yourself. That is the quickest and most reliable way to bring results.

Whatever it is that you desire, give it a warm and welcoming place to exist within you. The good things in life will flow into places where they are appreciated and put to good use.

Imagine your most treasured dream in every detail, and then set about to be the person who can truly experience it. Your dream will fill the home that you build for it.

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Napoleon And The Furrier

Created on 27 January 2011
During Napoleon's invasion of Russia, his troops were battling in the middle of yet another small town in that endless wintry land, when he was accidentally separated from his men. A group of Russian Cossacks spotted him and began chasing him through the twisting streets. He ran for his life and ducked into a little furrier's shop on a side alley. As he entered the shop, gasping for breath, he saw the furrier and cried piteously, "Save me, save me!

Where can I hide?" The furrier said, "Quick, under this big pile of furs in the corner," and he covered Napoleon up with many furs. No sooner had he finished than the Russian Cossacks burst in the door, shouting "Where is he? We saw him come in." Despite the furrier's protests, they tore his shop apart trying to find him. They poked into the pile of furs with their swords but didn't find him. Soon, they gave up and left.

After some time, Napoleon crept out from under the furs, unharmed, just as the emperor's personal guards came in the door. The furrier turned to Napoleon and said timidly, "Excuse me for asking this question of such a great man, but what was it like to be under those furs, knowing that the next moment would surely be your last?"

Napoleon drew himself up to his full height and said to the furrier indignantly, "How could you ask such a question of me, the Emperor Napoleon! Guards, take this impudent man out, blindfold him and execute him. I, myself, will personally give the command to fire!"

The guards grabbed the poor furrier, dragged him outside, stood him up against a wall and blindfolded him.

The furrier could see nothing, but he could hear the movements of the guards as they slowly shuffled into a line and prepared their rifles, and he could hear the soft ruffling sound of his clothing in the cold wind. He could feel the wind tugging gently at his clothes and chilling his cheeks, and the uncontrollable trembling in his legs.

Then he heard Napoleon clear his throat and call out slowly, "Ready. . . aim. . ." In that moment, knowing that even these few sensations were about to be taken from him forever, a feeling that he couldn't describe welled up in him as tears poured down his cheeks.

After a long period of silence, the furrier heard footsteps approaching him and the blindfold were stripped from his eyes. Still partially blinded by the sudden sunlight, he saw his eyes looking deeply and intently into his own - eyes that seemed to see into every dusty corner of his being. Then he said softly, "Now you know."

There are certain things that words cannot describe how it feels. It has to be experienced. This had been applied in counseling work as well. Often times, the counselor would try not to say “I understand” if she had not been through the experience of the person.

That's why they would use someone like who has been through the same experience eg loss of a loved one to counsel another person going through the same experience.
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2013-03-02, 23:42
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Deepak Ohri
2009-11-02, 22:17
Dearest Krishna,
thank you so very much for sharing these beautiful and thoughtful e-mails May God bless you Beta.
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2012-09-13, 22:28
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