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I don'st really know what I want to do with my life yet. I overheard this as I was walking by a group of teenagers the other day. I didn'st interrupt them, but deep inside me I heard my own soul saying, "I hope that you live it."

So many people these days seem to think that their lives are only their careers and nothing else. Life is so much more. Our jobs are just a drop in the ocean of our true lives. Life is also catching snowflakes on your tongue, smelling the flowers in the Spring, and watching the sunset in the evening. Life is also riding a bike, swimming in the ocean, and walking in the woods. Life is also singing a joyous song, reading a good book, and enjoying a delicious meal. Life is also laughing through your pain, learning from your problems, and loving through all the difficulties you may face. Life is also giving your parents a big hug, sharing a warm smile with a stranger, and saying a kind compliment to a friend. Life is also helping a person in need, holding the hand of a scared and lonely soul, and giving your warmth and kindness to a hurting heart. Life is also caring for your family, serving your community, and making the world a better place. Life is also spreading your joy, shining your light, and sharing your love. Life is also learning what God wants you to learn, doing what God wants you to do, and becoming who God wants you to be. Life is all of these things and even more. Life is living every moment you have here on Earth and getting ready for the even greater life that awaits you beyond it.

If you want to do something truly great with your life then start living it now. It is never too late to love and it is never too late to live. Life might be the leading cause of death in this world, but if you are not living then you are already dead.