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Life's hard to live and still people make it harder to live. Just living for right takes so much, that I wonder how people have time to do wrong, foolish things, to make life more complicated.

Everyday is a duty, one hundred things to do and think of, you have your family, your friends, your work, your home, your God, all to tend to in twenty four hours. You oversee cooking, cleaning, clothing. You have your daily prayer schedule or temple to go to, you have the needs of father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Children to tend to. No one day is like the other, many of the surprises are unwelcome.

We live each day working hard not knowing what tomorrow will bring. We have
a life to live and to live it righteously takes a lot, each day. Morning to night is gone in no time. There is money to manage and just when you have managed to save the rare bit something unexpected comes along and you have to give it away.

You pay for your health, eat right, live right, spend to be healthy and then
unexpectedly something small, something stupid comes up and big money goes, your days go. your whole schedule goes. Life is so unexpected. You just
about have time to be with the ones you love and you live in that fragile stage because you never know when the ones you love will go. We are busy living hard lives and we don't have choice but to live it.

And so far I have just dealt with the external requirements our Life demands. There are more important ones - the internal needs. We have so much to deal with everyday. Life by the time you are thirty is packed.

Disappointments, sad memories, regrets, past issues, people who went away,
something is always on your mind. something is always tugging at our heart
strings. We have to clear our old deeds of another life-time and we have to
make sure we succeed in this because it is the main reason of our lives, we
have to undo all the wrong we have done in this lifetime because then we
never knew better, we have to come to terms with certain things of our life,
let go of other things, we have to make peace with the war, we have to end
wars and we have to live with us, the us that no one knows.

Life can be so difficult, it is for almost all. Yet we are blessed to able to go on for without the Blessing of God and His kingdom could we manage an of this? We have no control over our lives yet we live it., we have no weapons against diseases yet we go on not thinking about it, we have the old to take care of, the ill to look after, the additional difficult new twists and turns to manage our daily life. suddenly there can be a major change, suddenly there can be a major illness, suddenly there can be a death and it has happened to many. But we continue to live on. For, to live on righteously is all we are called to do.

Which is why I wonder how those who are not like us manage to live the
reckless and careless lives? yes Life is struggle , hardship, sweat, work, and everything you don't want to hear. this is Life and sooner we accept it, the better.

Life is difficult, our loved ones do fall ill, they will die someday, money is a hassle, everyday living does make demands, anything happens anytime, we don't know anything. And the unnecessary trouble human add to our journey: deceptions, greed, backbiting, manipulations, hurt. What can we do?

Nothing, move away from what we can move away from and continue no matter what the distractions and disturbances to live righteously the way we have committed to. It is a tough road but it is our road.

We don't want it easy, we only want goodness, honor, decency, the ability to
fulfill our duties, claim our soul's belongings, love who we love, live small, live well, live honestly. We have many like us on this path, they've made it, we will too. We have a duty towards Life and never mind the millions who make it easy by taking the unrighteous path, we will live here.

In my book of Life, really no matter what the difficulty, there is no other way to live Life than to live it with dignity and duty, Because that's what then makes it our Life.