I was eating an apple the other day when I over bit. My teeth went right into the core and I got a tiny seed stuck in them. I was finally able to get the little toothacher out after five minutes of working at it. I looked at the little thing and then at the apple tree in the field outside my window. It seemed so amazing that this tiny seed that fit between two of my teeth could one day grow into a large and beautiful tree like the one I saw outside. Even more amazing was that the tree could produce thousands upon thousands of apples in its lifetime and that each apple it produced could contain seeds to grow even more trees full of blossoms, leaves, and apples of their own. I smiled and laughed at the wonder of it all.

If God can work such a never-ending miracle of growth and life through a tiny apple seed just think of the miracles that God can work through each of our lives if we only let Him. We are all just seeds of potential ourselves. We can lie dormant and never grow a bit or if we choose we can begin to shoot up joyously through the ground and bless the world with our lives. We can grow and become a person of beauty and goodness. We can sprout blossoms of delight, grow leaves of kindness and caring, and then give to the world apples of love and joy. We can shower the world with the fruit of our lives and plant countless seeds of peace and happiness that will continue to grow in the hearts and souls of others for years to come. We can become a tree of life and love in this world and let God work miracles of joy through us.

The choice, of course, is ours. Are we going to be a dead seed lying useless in the dirt or are we going to be the glorious, giving tree that God meant us to be?

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Learn To Appreciate

Created on 27 January 2011
A man raced down the hospital steps one rainy day and jumped into a passing bus with the remark, "What a beautiful day it is!" The rain was pouring in torrents, it was dreadfully cold and everyone was bemoaning the foul weather. The conductor remarked, half amused, "You must be mad, Mister, to call this a beautiful day."

"You'd be as mad with delight", the man replied with enthusiasm, "If you also had recovered your sight after three years of blindness."

We should learn to appreciate what we have. Let us enjoy the pleasures that are ours, instead of pining for those we miss. The following little verse may be remembered in this context

Winter makes us long for Spring
Darkness for the down;
We always seem to miss them most,
Our playmates when they're gone!
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Jyothi Raghuram
2007-04-26, 21:53
Thank you for the inspiring pieces sent so far. One can't but help mull over them, and perhaps try to improve the quality of one's life too. It is onl...
Rohit Kadam
2012-10-04, 01:44
Wow man.. loved your work and the website!
Nikhil Mehta
2012-09-13, 22:30
amazing yaar...those images mean what they say!! u have indeed got the members to put life into this community! great going...but keep going!!