The carpenter I hired to help me restore an old farm house had just finished a rough first day on the job. A flat tire had caused him to miss an hour of work, his electric saw quit, and now his ancient pick-up truck refused to start.

As I drove him home, he sat in stony silence. When we arrived he invited me in to meet his family. As we walked to the front door, he paused briefly at a small tree, touching the tips of the branches with both hands. When opening the door he underwent an amazing transformation. His tanned face was wreathed in smiles; he hugged his two small children and gave his wife a kiss.

Afterward he walked me to the car. We passed by the tree and my curiosity got the better of me. I asked him about what I had seen him do earlier.

"Oh, that's my trouble tree," he replied. "I know I can't help having troubles on the job, but one thing's for sure, they don't belong in the house with my wife and children. So, I just hang them on the tree when I come home in the evening and then I just pick them up again in the morning."

"Funny thing, though," he smiled, "when I come out in the morning to pick 'em up, there ain't nearly as many as I remembered hanging there the night before."

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Learn To Appreciate

Created on 27 January 2011
A man raced down the hospital steps one rainy day and jumped into a passing bus with the remark, "What a beautiful day it is!" The rain was pouring in torrents, it was dreadfully cold and everyone was bemoaning the foul weather. The conductor remarked, half amused, "You must be mad, Mister, to call this a beautiful day."

"You'd be as mad with delight", the man replied with enthusiasm, "If you also had recovered your sight after three years of blindness."

We should learn to appreciate what we have. Let us enjoy the pleasures that are ours, instead of pining for those we miss. The following little verse may be remembered in this context

Winter makes us long for Spring
Darkness for the down;
We always seem to miss them most,
Our playmates when they're gone!
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Ruchie Hasija
2013-03-10, 23:28
Hi... U write exceptionally well!!
Ankur Potdar
2008-05-23, 22:14
This one is really awesome!!!
Anita Mathias
2008-10-13, 22:07
Very nice thoughts as usual.