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Contributed By Jessica Campbell

Our high school just had a concert, and we went through a long and trying 2-hour practice the afternoon of a concert. As we sat down to play, this came to mind. Hope you like it . . .

Life is like playing in an orchestra. First, God gives you your instrument and some music, and you sit down to play, but you say, "God, I've never played this piece before! Look at all of those notes! I'll never be able to do it!" But God gets up on the pedestal and holds His baton in His hand. He winks at you and says calmly, "Just follow me."

You say, "But God, that will be too hard ...can't we play this other song? It looks a whole lot easier and a lot more fun to play," but God says, "No, follow MY lead"

Well, you decide that it doesn't matter what God says, you want to play the other song. So, as He raises His baton and begins to conduct, you ignore Him and begin wailing away at the piece you wanted to play. However, it just doesn't quite work. The music doesn't sound beautiful at all, because it's not the way God wanted you to play. After a little more playing and a whole lot more frustration, you realize that it would be better just to listen to your Conductor. So, with a red face you silently search for the piece God wants you to play.

"But God, it looks so hard." But God just smiles caringly and taps the baton on His stand. "No matter what, follow Me. Just look up at Me, and I will lead you," He whispers. So, you begin to play. In the beginning, it seems as though you will never be able to play this piece. All you can see are those notes rushing by. Then you remember what God said . . . "LOOK UP" . . . so you look up and see God carefully counting out the beats for you, and if you listen really carefully, you can hear His Voice humming your part.

The song is the most beautiful song that you have ever heard, and you find that as long as your eyes are fixed on the Conductor, you are able to play along. All you have to do is look up! Sure, some parts are REALLY tough, but as long as you follow the Conductor and listen to His steady rhythm, you can make it through. All you have to do is LOOK UP!