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Contributed By Mareel

I recently moved to the inner city and now that I have the interior of the house in a livable condition, I am focusing on the outside. I have started on the street, scooping up a bag full of gutter grime each day when there's decent weather.

Recently, I was doing my street trash pickup when a husky young man walked across the street and asked if he could help me. He quickly filled the bag to the point I'd have trouble carrying it to the back for trash pickup, but when I asked him to stop, he offered to carry it for me. We got around back with the bag and Tony saw all the piles of limbs I'd accumulated around the yard and asked if he could help me finish.

I asked him how much he'd charge for doing the work and he smilingly said, "one dollar". Tony started working steadily and efficiently as he told me his life story. His work was of far greater value than one dollar so after about an hour I began to worry about whether I had enough cash on hand to compensate Tony. By counting all my change I was able to come up with five dollars so I went back out with the money and told Tony to stop working because this was all the money I had on hand. He just looked at what I handed him and said, "I only wanted a dollar".

For me, it was a very special moment reaffirming once again there are beautiful people to be found in the inner city.

Each person takes care that his neighbor shall not cheat him or her. But a day comes when we begin to care that we do not cheat our neighbors. Then all goes well.