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Contributed By Jeetinder S Bawa

"Happiness" is the most important word that we try to search in bushes in our daily life.. This is what we are searching for, living for in our day to day life and.. this is what we are looking after at the end of our life and other life's and I think basically this is what we want as a output at end of our life. They say " when you had entered in this world you were crying but every body was smiling and laughing, let you live your life in such a fashion that when you depart, you have smile in your face but every one is crying". It is generally said "happiness is like wet pent, everybody can see that but you can feel it ". So if someone is trying to find the happiness, it can be either found in some stranger's smile, or it can be when some one you love just hugs you when you need that hug the most, or you receive some unexpected call from distance friend, or if some one is smiling on other side of the phone and you are able to feel its warmth.

I was walking across the street and just saw the BMW, and there I started falling flat for happiness, first thing that came in my mind ... "Yaar mere pass hoti tu kya baat the" he must be happy guy .. and then comes my day dreaming.. ahhhh woh ..I wished... woh

Well after few minutes, just on next crossing I saw the same guy but this time he was fighting with some girl. When I went near I came to know he was just fighting for very small issue with wife as he forgot to bring kids book... woh so the guy with BMW was not the happy .. I thanked God for my bachelorhood and kept walking. I just remembered one saying that some thing that is happiness for one, can be poison for other. And everybody have its own bucket of worries, happiness and unhappiness. Every body thinks the grass is greener on neighbor's ground.

I reached before time and had enough time to wait oh time, what to say about that.When you are waiting for someone one minute becomes 1 whole hour.. damn but when you start talking even 1 hour is like 1 minute.That time you wish oh if I could have more seconds in minute and more minutes in one hour.

Evening was going wonderful, I still had some time for the movie show and Manu was late, so I decided to play some video games... lets have some fun. I was on my way to explore myself more in the world of football - Fifa... and hold on some times some occasions have some lesions for you.Life is book each page is one day which tries to teach you something. And at this time some thing was hidden for me in that page of my life. I saw a small girl crying, She was crying with beautiful load voice for some thing ...

Something .. a small word but believe me this is the reason of suffering in this world. Well her mother was trying but perhaps that was not the best and exact shot to stop her. Cutie's pitch was not very high but was fair enough that it could get the attention of passer by. Elderly couple who were holding each other's hands were just smiling on her. They must be visualizing their grand children. Well she was good and fair enough to get attention of passerby's... I stopped, I kept watching the angel's energy ..she was crying with her ful energy ( for cont. 5 min.. ohhh what a hit shot) she was almost on cloud nine and the pitch was ... .awesome.I was wondering how sweet is the age when you are child, you cry without any worry form the outside world but get the attention of whole world. No worries, explore your wings the way you want but off course some flight was made without wings also… well back here. Cutie was crying and crying, I wished If I could help her but

I didn't dare.. yaar I can not go and just ask whats matter maam, do not you think you need something urgently and that's why she is crying. But I hold my steps and breadth, lets see whats next.I think this has got something more than Fifa, I started thinking like James Bond about the various reasons of her cry. I started making list of points in white chart that just popped up in my brain. Two girls who were busy in their shopping came to cutie and offered her choclate.I thought this might help the poor mother who is still helpless.But I was thinking wrong, cutie just turned her face and now voice was more louder. Oh my God .. today's generation .They are amazing.

Just then her father arrived with a balloon. I think that was one of the "The beautiful Scene" of my life so far and may be of some other's also. the kodak moment. Cutie stopped crying and there were some tears in her eyes and a big smile was exploring the world again, that was the happiness, a small curve was coming and some new person was emerging from that face. Everybody who was paying the attention also got smile on there faces, the security person, the young girls , the old couples the softy wala, the mehndi wala, complete unit of Cafe Coffee Day.....

I just felt ….. though difficult to express in words, the happiness lies in the small moments but one tries to find in big things.I was trying to make whole chard inside my brain and a small ballon did the work for small child and other people. In our day to day busy life even some times jokes can not help us in bringing the curve on our face. We need some thing, actually need something special to mark the occasion, we actually need some big reason to smile. But forget in our life that beauty lies in the eyes, world comes to you the way you look the world in your eyes.

Reason was simple - The combination of tear and smile is very rear but when it is there, they are the best couple on earth..... "well Manu wait had given one lesson in my life.. happiness lies in small things, in small moments, for some it may be ok but for some one it may be life.. so it doesn't make any difference .. happiness need to be explored in small things .. a small smile on some one's face can make your day ....so start exploring the happiness before final call is made"