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Contributed By Joseph J. Mazzella

The grocery store is a great place to get food for your body, but I have found out recently that it can be an even better place to find food for your heart, soul, and mind. This happened the other day as I was walking through the local store to get some oatmeal. Two elderly ladies were standing by the fruit section catching up on old times. The first one jokingly asked her older friend how old she was now. The older lady answered loudly and to everyone's delight: "Honey, I'sm not nearly as old as I used to be." Everyone within ear shot laughed when they heard this including me. I realized too as I was walking out of the grocery store that I am not nearly as old as I used to be either.

I am not nearly as old as I used to be when I constantly worried about my bills and how I was going to pay them. Now I just trust in God and I always seem to have more than enough. I am not nearly as old as I used to be when I fretted about my weight and my thinning and graying hair. Now I just look in the mirror and smile. The body may look a little older, but the soul on the inside is younger than ever. I am not nearly as old as I used to be when I was always judging others, being angry with them, or worrying about what they thought of me. Now I just do my best to judge noone, love everyone, and share my joy with the world. Life I have found is too short to live any other way.

You don'st have to be as old as you used to be either. God made all of us both ageless and forever young. By choosing love, joy, and oneness with God you can always keep growing younger and younger on the inside. By sharing that love and joy you can give your youth, energy, and vitality to the world. By living from your soul you can stop counting your birthdays, start living for eternity, and always know that you will never again be as old as you used to be.