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Open Preview

Request Open Preview for Indicators to assess them for usage.

Quick And Easy Setup

The Indicator is quick to apply and simple to use.

Ready To Use Information

Provides Targets / Stop Loss / Retests value which work for all timeframes

Live Screening

Live Screening on any timeframe allows easy identification of breakouts happening ... Just In Time

About NimblrTA

NimblrTA is first of its kind, free for all, open-source, cross platform, all markets, all indices based trading technique.
It is practical, logical and guides through the volatility of the markets.
Deishma is the author of NimblrTA, and it's through his 30+ years of trading experience the concept evolved to guide us with quick entries and early exits.
It allows us to take informed decisions with the guidelines and described by the concept.
All the tools / indicators are an implementation of the same concept.

Enlearn about Trading Candlesticks from the author with simplified, fully illustrated, Telegram based texting course.

  • Understand Candlestick structure and price flow
  • How to trade, fixing stop loss and placing the orders
  • Learn about breakouts with illustrative case studies

The course is uniquely designed to avoid disturbance and discussion groups are formed for each Candlestick Analysis course, later which merges with the complete NimblrTA community of 500+ users.

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Welcome Onboard

Preview of NimblrTA Tools and Resources Available

  • Tradingview Indicators. [Free and Licensed]
  • Intraday Live Dashboard for Automated Amibroker Alerts.
  • Realtime Dashboard For Live Screening of Nimblr TA strategies
  • QueryBuilder For Positional Analysis and Investment Picks,
  • MIZone For Amibroker
  • NimblrTA Tool For Amibroker

Quick Videos To Begin

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Product Details

Here we present the tools and resources to ease your trades, all based on NimblrTA.

Tradingview Indicators

Simple, automated Tradingview Indicators to begin and start your trades with ease.


Intraday Live Dashboard

Get Amibroker Based Market Details on a web based Intraday Dashboard


Realtime Dashboard

Realtime Screening on 40+ NimblrTA strategies with widget based analysis on multiple timeframes.



Automated Positional Analysis on your dashboard with NimblrTA Score and RRG color-coded format for the stocks


MIZone For Amibroker

Chart based solution for candle shunting, candle analysis, etc.


NimblrTA Tool For Amibroker

Comprehensive analysis and detailed customisable tool for advanced users