Fall Of Squirrel

I saw something the other day that I had often wondered about but had never seen. Let me share the scenario.

While waiting for family, I was watching a number of squirrels in a large tree. They were extremely active as they ran along branches, jumped from branch to branch, and leaped through the air on to the roof of a house. Some were actually fighting and chasing each other high up in this tree. It was really quite fascinating. Then, it happened.

I heard a thud as a mature squirrel hit the ground on its side at the base of the tree. I can never ever remember seeing a squirrel actually free fall 30′ out of a tree. I had often wondered why you didn’t see them fall more often. Yet, they always seemed to be so adept at their branch and tree hopping that they never fell.

Now, what do you think happened next in this squirrel scenario. Did it lay there and moan about life being unfair? Did it mumble something about quitting being a squirrel? Did it blame some other squirrel for what had just happened? Did it decide it would never risk running branches and jumping to other trees ever again? What do you think? I watched with real interest to see what it would do. I didn’t have long to wait.

Within 3 seconds it was on it's feet and scampering back up that tree. There was no remorse or self pity. It was back up the tree as fast as it could go doing everything it had been doing before it fell.

THE QUESTION. Was the FALL of the Squirrel a FAILURE? No! You never fail if you get right back up and scamper up your tree once again. You only fail when you don't get up.

Maybe squirrels know more about success and failure than we do.

Keep Daring to Dream.