About Us

Popularly known as 'kk' and often 'kkonline'.

I am the kind of person who is always Celebrating Life!

I believe in the 'power' of smile.

And now a days just can't stop smiling, giggling at the 'earthlings' i meet which makes them wonder what i am upto!!!

A very friendly, sincere and caring person to be with... man of ethics and a hardcore optimist!!! Can be a real philosopher at times!

An ever excited, energetic and enthusiastic by default... don't ask me where i get the bursts of energy from...

A complete dance freak out... ask me to dance and then you'll have to literally drag me out of the dance floor.

Believes in a lot of things, while you'll browse across this site you'll get to know me little better.

I am an alumni of Delhi Public School, RK Puram (batch 2003) and have graduated as an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer from Vishwakarma Institute Of Technology, Pune in the year 2007.

Apart from being a complete foodie, I love Web Designing and have been designing website ever since I was in class 8th. Love to play Table Tennis and to read and share inspirational stories and quotes... and that's the reason I started the 'kkonline' group

I love listening to ghazals, soft music, dance numbers, instrumentals and kirtans and watch shows like Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., LOST, Mr. Bean

Friends say I am different but i say... fools, you all are the same...

Dare To Be Different!!!


Official Web Designer for IEEE VIT Student Branch

Designed the Vishwatronix 2006 and the IEEE VIT Student Branch websites

This all started not to impress you, but to inspire you.

It's been 15+ years of web presence since the foundations of this site was laid.
Hopping from various free web hostings and several names finally decided to have own permanent hosting.

Began with writing and sharing small stories and then started with `Xpressions`, moving ahead just a fine day something pricked my head and the section `Kuch Kalam Se` started.

There are a few questions which I have been always asked, below is my own attempt for you to know me better.

Q. Were you just born this way?
A. Maybe I had some inclination of building something constructive, but definitely it was a choice to create a platform to share thoughts.

Q. Is the content 100% original?
A. My life has been full of adventures and I just mold them in words and present it to you.
There has been a contribution by people across the planet whom I haven't met by face yet but know them as an identity.

Q. Are the photos for `Xpressions` clicked by you?
A. No, these are usually images taken from various sources like Flickr, Photo.net etcetera.

Q. How much do you earn from this website?
A. This is my hobby turned into a passion to inspire the world around. In these years I have earned love, respect and some cherished memories from the readership. The best thing is when someone looks up to you. This is what makes me tick and keep going even today.

Q. Ok, well said, do you earn money from this website?
A. No, I have the feeling if I involve in the monetary part, I'll lose the quality and the focus.

Q. What's you plan for the future?
A. I wish to publish a 'life-size' book on each section.

Q. Nice, when do we expect this book?
A. I plan to have just limited copies, but if it's well received then can think more on it.

Q. What motivated you to create this site?
A. Life and how you perceive it.

Q. How much time do you dedicate on this website per week?
A. That's the best part of it, if I have a thought I just write it and send it across, there have been times when have been in a state of 'thoughtlessness', so it's all flexible. Can be 3-4 articles a day and could also be 1 in few months.

Q. What's the biggest misconception around this site people have?
A. The biggest tragedy in life is, when you do something good with good intention and someone doubts it.
Most people see this as a blog, actually it a full fledged working website.
Blog is something where the platform is available and you just post thoughts, whereas a website is when you create things from scratch, code it to suite your needs.

Q. The website is coded in which language?
A. It's pure PHP and MySql DB on a linux server.

Q. I really like the color scheme of the site.
A. Me too. Orange gives a vibrant touch to it.

Q. With all these thoughts and verses you have been writing, do you ever feel irritated or frustrated?
A. Yes, am a human being and have emotions. 'Xpressions' reflect my daily life and when you have a strong content posted, you know what am going through.

Q. If there was just one message to the readers what would it be?
A. Keep your life open, be adaptable to changes and always follow your instincts. As long as you are learning you keep growing.

Q. How would you be liked to be remembered?
A. Someone who inspired people and celebrated life in it's truest spirits.

As I continue to grow and learn I look forward to have your feedback to improve further or to refine some existing sections.

Rapid Fire Round

Color: Green and there's a secret color too..

Food: I love it all... simpler the better..

Place In India: Go Go Goa..

Snacks: Roasted peanuts

Dessert: Hot gulab jamun with vanilla on top, jalebi, ghewar

Ice Cream: Vanilla, Hot Chocolate Fudge (from Nirula's)...

Cartoon Character: Fido Dido

Person I admire the most: My Nana Nani

Loves to drink: Milk (that includes any form of it... hot... cold whatever)

Sound: Gushing sound of water fall, chirping birds

Quote: lots of them... "It's not from where you fall, but how high you bounce"

Strengths: Always in a exuberant mood, dedication, optimism, the never say die spirit, persistence (till i am over with the task i am doing)

Weaknesses: Gives too much importance to minute details, over ambitious at times

My Quotes: 'Come What May' commitments have to be fulfilled on time.

The biggest tragedy in life is when you do something good, with good intention and someone doubts it.

Only difficult tasks are worth doing, rest anyone can do. And no task is difficult if it is worth doing.

If you inspire someone, then you get doubly inspired.

Friend of friends are friends of each other.

Nobody is your competitor. You yourself are your own competitor and you must compete with yourself to achieve the maximum.

Don't be cautious. Because when you are cautious, you are too occupied being so; that you tend to make mistakes at a higher rate. Just be your natural self, regardless of what other say.