No guarantee

Written by Krishna Khanna Category: Xpressions
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No guaranteeI can't say I'm proud of my life,
But I can say I'm extremely proud of what I have learnt.
Ican't guarantee if I can walk with a fake smile,
But I surely do know which direction
I should be heading to.
I am not sure how many times I'll trip and fall,
But am confident that everytime
I'll fall I will stand up stronger.
I take no guarantee that I'll speak sweet words,
But surely that every word will
Have an in-depth meaning.
I take absolutely no guarantee
What everyone thinks of me,
But I take the complete responsibility of my actions,
I am not sure who'll stick around till the end,
But am very much sure that I'll be there until the end
For I can face myself and say that I id my best.