Making things meaningful

Written by Krishna Khanna Category: Xpressions
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Making things meaningfulBecause of darkness, light has a value.
Because you face the worse;
You appreciate when things are in best situations.
Because of the challenges, rewards have a special meaning.
The essence of greatness is in the authentic physical,
Mental and spiritual effort that creates it.
If it was easy, instant and free,
No one would even care about it.
Do you ?nd yourself wishing that life could be easier?
Take that as your prompting to go out
And make it more meaningful.
Because a life free of effort is not really what you want.
What you really want is for every effort to bring a
Meaningful sense of ful?llment.
When your purpose is clear and honestly you,
Everything is an opportunity.
Feel the beauty of that purpose,
And eagerly greet whatever may come your way.