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    how to improve your life the fun way

    Do you want to improve your life? What about improving your life the fun way? Of course, everyone wants to improve their lives. The problem is, many people find the process boring and tedious. While it’s true that there is no shortcut to reaching your full potential, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. In fact, you can improve your life and have fun doing it! How? By gamifying your life. Yes, gamify your life. Make improving your life feels like playing a video game. Just like playing a video game is fun,  improving your life can also be fun. For that to happen, you need to include some video-game elements in your self-improvement journey. Here is how. 1. Define what you want to improve. In a video game, there is an objective that you need to achieve. The objective might be capturing the enemy’s flag, mining the most resources or something else. The point is that you have a clear idea about what you are working on. Similarly, you need to define what you want to improve. 2. Make it challenging but realistic. For a game to be fun, it needs to be challenging but still realistic. If […]

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