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    1. Keep your dreams to yourself until you are strong enough
    2. The future is coming whether you re ready or not
    3. Notes to myself
    4. Don t fake it till you make it that s garbage advice
    5. Hey you yes you gentle reminder that you re badass
    6. May god gift you all the colors of life happy holi
    7. If you are not happy with what you have
    8. Happy holi
    9. My strength did not come from lifting weights
    10. Whatever happens you getting depressed is not a solution
    11. Life is too short grudges are a waste of perfect happiness
    12. Be the change that you wish to see in the world mahatma gandhi
    13. If you realized how powerful your thoughts are
    14. Why we close ourselves off to friendships and how to open up
    15. My needs matter too how i started speaking up and setting boundaries
    16. Slow imperfect progress is better than none at all
    17. Accepting my autistic self why i m done trying to fit in
    18. How getting hit by a bus taught me to stop worrying and start living
    19. When expectations hurt how i ve forgiven my absentee father and healed
    20. 30 reminders for sensitive people who feel drained ashamed or judged
    21. Don t let it beat you how to find your fighting spirit when life gets tough
    22. How lowering our expectations helps us do what we really want to do
    23. Love them today before their tomorrow s taken away
    24. 101 short quotes and sayings about life
    25. 30 ways to come alive and not just exist

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