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    1. Beyond posturing placebos or belief
    2. Fulfillment in every step
    3. Child abuse how can someone be compassionate towards the people who abused them
    4. Why you should buy a soundbar for your 4k tv
    5. Actions over words believe what you see from your guy
    6. Doing it completely and totally wrong
    7. To reduce stress stop globalizing and put things in perspective
    8. Carry on
    9. Expect more from yourself than from others
    10. Coastal lights bid good night to kids at childrens hospital
    11. How to thrive in the midst of personal turbulence
    12. Why love is more important than all the technology out there
    13. 6 really important questions you should ask before getting married
    14. 7 easy ways to remove negative energy and unnecessary stress
    15. My observations from being in japan efficient but not simple
    16. Avoiding the gigo trap
    17. Allow
    18. Dating from a place of self love how being yourself changes everything
    19. Damian prosalendis telling the truth
    20. Why am i not happy i should be
    21. Humans beings have been conditioned to be submissive
    22. Modern classrooms and personalized learning are the perfect pair
    23. Batting average is a trap
    24. Why i got caught up in the drama of an on and off relationship
    25. What makes life meaningful

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