Quick Guide To Resources based on NimblrTA


Let's Get Started

Author of the concept is @Deishma

Official Blog by the author is available at https://deishman.wordpress.com

NimblrPB Wiki: http://nimblr.pbworks.com is the best source of systematic information with illustrations to get started on the concept 




The same concept of NimblrTA has been implemented on Amiboker

Amibroker Based Setup: by @krishnakhanna

Alerts during the market hours are available on Twitter Handle and Telegram Channel

Intraday Dashboard is available for tracking the just in time alerts for the day generated by Amibroker  This is an automated tool and requires concept understanding.

Intraday Performance Track the peformance of Tool and experience NimblrTA 

Video Based Guidance is available for anyone to learn from the trades of the day through the videos. Random trades are selected and discussed based on the concept with live tracking of alerts and charts. Based on Amibroker Setup. 


Tradingview Setups

Best for individuals who start learning concept and wish to learn with quick and easy indicators

NimblrTA indicators are readily available for Tradingview

Indicators are available for

  • TinyIC 
  • ICMC Breakout 
  • ICMC Breakout Screener 
  • NimblrTA Screener 
  • NimblrTA MIZone 
  • NimblrTA CCI 
  • NimblrTA Tracker 
  • Intraday  Templates
  • Long Term Investment Setup (Positional) Templates
Use the link to setup the indicators on your tradingview account. 

NimblrTA Screener (Amibroker) (Intraday)

A ready to use tool with charts and exploration alerts providing real-time analysis

Live Twitter Thread with examples and illustrations for the strategies along with their analysis

NimblrTA For Amibroker #V2 It's demonstration snaps with illustrations of the features.

Introduction and Setup - Video guide to get started

Features and Details are available at: https://kkonline.org/nimblrta

License for the tool needs to be purchased.


Beginner's Threads To Start

Components Of The System - Step By Step to understand the usage and interpretation of each unit module.

What to look for when you trade

Candle Shunting Basics

NimblrTA Score system is used to assess the stocks for their momentum


NimblrTA For Long Term Investments / Positional

QueryBuilder is a tool available which gives automated targets, stop loss and exits for stocks, you can access the default filters and can created and customize them based on NimblrTA concept.

MIZone For Amibroker is available to assess the charts. It is applicable to All time frames.

NimblrTA Realtime Dashboard provides live screening of stocks for Intraday and Positional picks including TinyIC

Video Guide For Usage Of Tools explains the intended way to analyse the stock market with the tools

Open Portfolio Open Portfolio based on NimblrTA can help you understand the selection criteria for the stocks chosen and effective usage of the tools with actual in practice executions.


Live Telegram Alerts (Intraday and Positional)

Access Alerts

An automated, realtime channel based on Realtime Dashboard which guides you during the market hours on the various intraday/positional picks with a robust track record.
Provides targets (T1/T2/T3) along with StopLoss